Favicon for webinterface

It would be nice to see the osmc logo as a favicon for the web interface. That way the Icon on my phone homescreen would be matching with this awesome OS :smile:
But maybe i should request this on the Kodi Forum…

Not an OSMC issue, so yeah.

I am sure we can add this. We just patch the default web interface.

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Here you go,
Using winscp go to : /usr/share/transmission/web/images

Replace the files there with the ones you want from the zip file.
2 version. 1 blue, 1 white


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oh crap…now why did i think he meant the transmission logo.lol

Scratch that…oh well…here are the logos anyways:P

Maybe in


But this will just be overwritten next time kodi is updated…

yeah i know…well at least it will work even temporarily for what he is going for.
Once he’ll make a shortcut on his mobile’s desktop with the new icon it will show that even after the update

I’ll make a new ico, with the right dimensions.

An official OSMC favicon is here: https://discourse.osmc.tv//uploads/default/7/bb42123e5930e762.ico

thanks for the favicon

I have added this favicon so it will be in the next update

i do agree that OSMC should have it’s own web-skin, if you make it public thats up to you guys but OSMC has it’s own kodi skin why not a web-skin too?

We don’t really have time to do this at the moment, but someone did do a web interface last year for OSMC: GitHub - ankurp/osmc-web-remote: Web Remote Interface for OSMC. It needs converting to use Kodi’s built-in web server.

@marktheis, our web developer is already very busy.


I understand the busy part and it should NOT be high on the priority list, but just knowing it’s in the pipeline is good.