Favourite skin?

Hey guys just wondering what your favourite skins are (obviously the osmc skin is sweet, but lets be a bit diverse) I’m still in the market for one that ticks every box for me, currently settled for Mimic with the home screen in vertical layout. Still not perfect, missing my favourite library views (media info 2 or 3), but it’s close. Lots of customization options and a clean layout with a large font for easy reading

Bello and all other forks.

I like the OSMC skin but I also like Amber and Eminence. From your description of Mimic though I’ll be trying that later tonight because it sounds very like Amber. I like vertical menus rather than the horizontal ones like in Confluence and it sounds like you do too. Amber also has the option to have vertical menus although Eminence doesn’t.

I’m still also searching for the skin that ticks all my boxes.

  • Julian

Have a look at Titan… :slight_smile:

I’ve been using reFocus (and variations on it) for a long time. It has changed quite a bit over the years, but I still like it.

I’ve gone for Conq, which is in the default repository. Clean and uncluttered, plus it’s responsive on a RPi 2 installed on an SD card. It has a variety of menu choices for most screens (vertical or horizontal), but mostly its simple.

Sadly the dev is not going to be continuing to work on it, but hopefully the next skin he does will be similarly simple and clean.

Always a bit of a downer when something you enjoy using is discontinued.

can bello have vertical home menu layout?

I love the FireTV skin developed by Hitcher, just a shame its a bit slow on rpi1 :disappointed:

that does indeed look nice. Comments say no support for live TV, which rules it out for me unfortunately. He did an excellent job though

Artic Zephyr best skin ever :slight_smile: clean and innovating :slight_smile: