FFmpeg v6.1 (Atmos & DTS:X flags)

FFMpeg v6.1 library is able to detect object based audio (Atmos, DTS:X) in media files… however Kodi v21 will include v6.0.1 library

anyway to have v6.1 library incorporated when y’all release Omega (v21) ??

most modern skins (ex: Arctic Horizon 2) support atmos/dtsx flags, and this would be a great benefit for many users

More info: Add support for identifying Atmos and DTS:X now that ffmpeg supports that.

The person that mainly advocated for this, is @Chillbo in that thread.
He is the OSMC skinner and a member of the OSMC team. So I’ve heard the arguments for ffmpeg 6.1 well in advance.

However, we will stick with the ffmpeg that Kodi release.

It’s not a light decision – but the current Kodi bump from ffmpeg4 is going to be enough trouble in my eyes. And that’s from a playback (not a skin) perspective.

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@sam_nazarko what version of ffmpeg are we currently using with the December update and what will the new version be? Also do you know when we will get the new version?

2024-01-16 02:17:31.163 T:2712     info <general>: Running on OSMC Vero V with Open Source Media Center 2023.12-1, kernel: Linux ARM 32-bit version 4.9.269-44-osmc
2024-01-16 02:17:31.170 T:2712     info <general>: FFmpeg version/source: 4.4.1-Kodi

As noted above, 6.0.1, unless Team Kodi have rush of blood to the head.

When it’s ready.

You’ll get a newer version of ffmpeg when the next stable version of Kodi is released

Is there a specific reason you are looking for an upgrade?


Dear Sam,
which potential issue are you envisaging from playback point of view moving to ffmpeg 6.xx?

None - everything works fine here on 6.01 just fine from limited testing.

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Hi Sam, apparently the new version of ffmpeg handles joined TrueHD files better - even with the latest MakeMKV there can still be some drop outs at the join with the old ffmpeg.

Ok. For compatibility reasons we will only ship the ffmpeg version that Kodi uses.