I’m sure this was discussed elsewhere about stuttering on high bitrates and Sam said updates to ffmpeg were needed. Today I was reading that ffmpeg has added cli support for multiple threads, I have no idea how it all works but is this something worth looking at to add? I dont often get video stuttering but it was mentioned in relation to having high bitrate audio, where I do often have issues.

This will benefit users transcoding video files.

If you’re doing that on your device then you’d be better off doing it on a PC with hardware acceleration.

Im not doing that, will the v7 release help decoding? Is it a major part of the way osmc proceesses videos? Decoding in multiple threads would help high bitrates or am I barking up the wrong tree?

We don’t use ffmpeg for video playback, we use hardware based acceleration, so I don’t think there’s an improvement to be yielded here.