File Browser Issue

I use OSMC on RP3 to play media files I have hooded up to the RP3 via a USB HD. I use a USB drive to transfer new movie files over to the USB HD using the File Browser in OSMC. I’ve had a problem where whether I copy and delete the file within file browser, or I use the “move” command, it messes with my USB drive. It takes the file off the list, but doesn’t take it off the “used space”. So I’ll have no files on it, but only have 30 gigs of 60 gigs free. Hope that makes sense. Anyone know of this issue or a fix?

How do you determine that? From file browser or command line?
Suggest to login via command line and post output of df -h

It’s from the file browser on my PC. A quick format fixes the problem too.

Suggest next time you have the problem you login OSMC via SSH and run the command above and post the output