File browser / thumbnails table view


I’ve tried OSMC yesterday for the first time (RC2 on RPI B+). I’m pretty surprised by the performance. I’m mainly interested in its capabilities as streaming client. Two issues yesterday I failed to resolve- I really hope you can help as everything else looks great :smile:

1.) I find it hard to browse for a specific image or video clip, because OSMC displays only the thumbnail of the currently selected file. Isn’t it the whole purpose of a thumbnail view to quickly find what you want without having to look at each file? Every client I have seen so far by default displays a multi thumbnail table view when browsing files - how can I get that with OSMC, even if slowish ?

2.) When I browse an uPNP source (Universal Media Server) in “Video”, the file browser will still list photos. That is pretty awkward - browsing videos in a folder that also contains hundreds of photos (just as taken from DCIM) is pretty impossible that way. I hope this issue is specific to UMS and OSMC will not behave like that when using a different source. Any ideas ?

Thanks alot,