"File Exists" error when trying to connect to my Raspberry pi 3b+ NAS

I just did a fresh install of Rasbian Buster Lite on my Raspberry pi 3B+ and installed an NAS according to this tutorial (It uses Samba Shares to set up a NAS):

The files show up on my computer and are all accessable/readable/writeable
On a seperate Raspberry pi 3B+ I installed the latest OSMC, and tried to browse to my files on my local network, but they will not appear in the file/smb browser. if I add a directory by adding the samba share folder (example) username:password@server/media/HDD1/SHARED/TV_AND_VIDEOS and try to access it, I get a “file exists” error. Zerocomf browser will detect the access folder, (SHARED) but if I try to access it, I will get the same “file exists” error. If I manually add the smb path as I did above, but without directing to a specific fold (ex: username:password@server) is will let me browse to my access folder (SHARED) but if I click on it, I get the “file exists” error again.

What should I do to fix this? my NAS is in an entirely different part of the house, and I really need to access these files. Will do my best to reply and try solutions as soon as I see them!

What’s the make and model of the NAS?
Do you know what SMB version it supports?

Check out: https://osmc.tv/wiki/general/file-sharing-with-a-nas,-media-server,-windows-share-or-other-device


Thanks! I figured the problem out! One part was my settings for smb on the osmc box.

The other problem was from my NAS itself not mounting properly.

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I’m glad to hear this.