File size/sd card reduced

newb here. 1st easy Q. I hope. I downloaded OSMC from the sight using the installer strieght onto micro sd card (win 8 &10). how much space should it take up?
2nd. after doing this on 2 cards 32gb & 4gb months apart. why do the cards now only show exactly 239mb capacities on both? how do I make that space available?

The installer creates a boot partition that is 239mb big. When you plug that card into your device and boot it a second partition with the rest space will be created (either 32G-239M or 4g-239M) and OSMC will be installed onto that partition giving you the rest (e.g. on 4G-239M(boot parition) - 1.xG for OSMC)

OSMC automatically creates a new partition and formats it on the first boot. This is to ensure that the full size of the card is used. It is possible to resize the filesystem on the first boot instead, but I have never been keen on this approach and the current method we employ allows for powerful preseeding options (including installation to NFS and USB). This will be useful when we start targeting desktop hardware.


ok thanks that makes sense, I was trying to have available space to store media and then tried to transfer it directly from the pc but it would not rec ognise the remaining partition. so if I have the card in the pi and hook up an external drive I should be able to transfer media using osmc. and how can I access the remaining partition on my pc or is that out of the equation. thank you

Format the disk as exFAT / FAT32 or NTFS for Windows


just did that on my pc, fat32 I now have 238mb free of 239(32gb) and of coarse its empty so no osmc now. theres gotta be something I’m missing here

should I have formatted it on the pi using osmc?

Hang on – I thought you meant a USB drive. The SD card will partition itself on first boot, and you can use the ext4 partition for movies, however you won’t be able to read that in Windows


Ok, first correct the mistake you made by formating the SD card (@sam_nazarko just had misunderstood you).

  1. Install OSMC on the SD Card with the installer (a small 238Mb partition will be created)
  2. Put that card into the Pi and boot it (a second partition on the rest of the space upto the size of the SD card will be created and OSMC installed into it)

Now after this is done you are ready to go and you have 3 ways to add files onto the SD Card
a. Install Samba Server from Appstore and you can easliy copy files via the network onto the card
b. Connect a USB drive or Stick to the Raspberry and copy files from there
c. (bad choice) If you have a Linux PC shutdown the PI take out the card and put it into card reader on your PC. Now you should see two paritions and you can copy your files on the bigger one

ok I ve reinstalled. I think there is now a little less space on there. and I’m happy to transfer via usb but I just don’t know how. I have a basic mouse and keyboard for controls, I have a external hard drive I can watch the movies off of but when I right click on a file there is no copy option. I did see it once cant remember what I pressed. ive gone to the add video section but cant seem to find my drive there when I brouse. sorry ive looked on you tube for an answer but there is a myriad of stuff on there to sift through.

You need to log in via SSH to do a copy from the command line.
Just a quick check - this is data files (eg video) that you want to copy to the SD card?

Most easy solution

Install Linux or use a usb to try it out

Clone your card to a bigger one

In linux go to disks and there you can manage your partitions

You see two partitions, a small ans a big one, choose the big one and select “expand” set to maximum and you are done in a second

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