Filechanges lost after reboot


i OSMC on Pi2.

Till today everything worked perfectly, but now I can’t make any changes to files.

I edit file with, vim, nano, script, cron script, localy with winscp etc. but after reboot, all changes are gone.

Even when i try to delete file, after reboot file is back here.


What files?

files in /home/osmc

Pictures in pictures folder, files in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata

(Lircmap.xml, remote.xml, keymap.xml.) etc

Your filesystem is probably corrupted enough that it now boots in read only mode.

There is a known kernel issue affecting compatibility with some SD cards on the Pi 2 that leads to progressive file system corruption. As a quick fix you can try to run fsck on it, as described here:

Long term fix is that you will need to do a fresh install once RC3 is released as RC3 includes a fix for this issue. For more background see:

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Would switching sd cards help?

(create img from this and flash it on new one)?

If you have a different make and model card that is not affected by this issue then yes, a fresh install on a different model of card would also solve the issue, and after RC3 you would be able to safely use the original card again.

It’s no use imaging your existing card and transferring it to the new one as you would copy all the corruption across. A fresh install would be required.

I haven’t had any corruption problems on my Pi 2 using the 8GB noobs card.

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Thx, for info and your help.

Any info on RC3 relese date?

Was going to be today but a couple of things not quite ready were noticed so probably tomorrow now.

Oh, you just saved me couple of hours.

Waiting on RC3 then.

Thx and good night