Filenames in wall view?

Hello Everyone. Im new to OSMC (though been using Libreelec on my raspberry 3 before) and have to say I quite like it. There is just one detail that bugs me. When browsing through videofiles for example in wall view i see all the icons/thumbnails as I like it (in a grid) but withouth names so If I want to know the name of the file or folder i have to highlight it first.
I would like to see all the filenames visible right under the icons/thumbnails. Is there a way to achieve this? Did not find this option anywhere, even tried the same skin I had on libreelec but no success and google did not help me either.
Thank you for any advise.

Which skin are you using?

We’ve deliberately decided not to show the names below the thumbnails in the OSMC Skin to avoid cluttering the screen.

I like the default OSMC skin but seems to be same with other skins also. For example with rapier skin on libreelec the names are there