Files View - items (tracks) in wrong order

For Music, when using the files view, when I access an album, the tracks are listed in purely alpha-sequence, ie ignoring the preifx for file numbering. For example:

02 Superfly gets sequenced before 01 Train.

They’re fine if I’m using the internal lib for access.

Is there a setting which I can use for the Files access to correct please?

On further testing, it seems that the Files view is fine, as long as I don’t add the contents to the internal library.
If I select Yes to that option, future browsing using Files library is setting the sort order incorrectly, as per above…

This is going to vary a bit from skin to skin but you should be able to activate a side/slide-out menu which will give you a sort order option. If your using the OSMC remote this menu should show up if you hold the menu button down (ie short-press is a context menu for the current selection, and long-press is a slide-out menu for the window your in).

Thanks for the response - I should have clarified I was getting the issue on the Kodi remote app - a guy on the Kodi forum posted this, seems to do what I need:

Enable the App’s setting “Show all files in filemode” (go to iOS > Settings > Kodi Remote > “Show all files in filemode”)