Film details in english instead french?

Hi Vero Brother :slight_smile:

When i insert new film in my film database; the film details appear in english. It’s strange because i have configured addon and folder to be analysed by Universal movie scrapper in french…

Some of you have an idea ?

Mant thanks

Maybe there is not (yet) a french version of the movie details. This happens often with new movies. Just wait and re-scrape.

hello, no the film have french details. (If a re-scrap a old film with french description it’s rescrapped in english)…

Any idea ?


Have you asked on the Kodi forums? That’s probably a better place for this question as it’s probably not OSMC related. But just a thought, is there an NFO file with the movie? Of so that may be overriding the scrapper results.

Also, have you tried using the TMDB scrapper instead of the Universal?

And it would probably really help to know the name of the movie!

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Info only:
I never tried The universal one but with TMDB scrapper the language is correct (once configured to do it in french) on my setup. If you have a huge collection of movie/series it seems faster to drop the source and add it again (fresh scrap vs update)

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I change my scrapper to TMDB one and it’s work fine. Many thanks to all.