Film scraper issue with BD rip (Appears to have been issue with scraper)

Since the latest update (Compiled July 30 2018) I’ve been xperiencing virtualy exxactly what is described here Multi Disc Bluray Movies weird scrapping

The difference is that instead of “The Marriage Certificate” it shows “The Certificate”

Directory listing is here

Can you post a debug log when you try and scrape?
The scraper may be problematic at the moment


I renamed the directory, cleaned the library, updated the library, and it scanned without creating the two extra entries, then I renamed it back to the original name and repeated the process, and again it scanned without issue.

A little odd as I had done exactly this before starting the thread…

One thing that always works is to pre-load a .NFO file with enough information to get the right match.

Say, for The Dark Knight , a .NFO file (named the same as the movie file) with the following would work:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    <title>The Dark Knight</title>

And, if you get bogus matches, you can also add the following to advancedsettings.xml:

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@nabsltd the scraper was correctly identifying the film, but it was also adding the two additional “fake” films from within the file structure.

The regex would be a solution, but as it now scrapes without problem after only renaming, I think I will do without the regex.

By habit to prevent false matches, I always include the year of the film in the file name.

So in this case, I would name the file:

The Marriage Certificate(2001).bluray.mkv

The bluray part is not really needed, but some skins seem to use it, so I always include it. You can also use dvd and even vhs


I didn’t notice that you are doing a full backup of the bluray. Do you have the option “Directory contains single movie” (or something like that) selected?

Do you do backups because you want the menu and special features? If you don’t care about those I’d recommend that you use MakeMKV and just rip out the main movie. That would also save you alot of space.

I’ve been ripping to folders since xbmc on an xbox, and the only “processing” I do is ripping individual episodes from DVD/BD to mkv and I use copy rather than convert when I do that…

I don’t need to save space, storage is cheaper than it has ever been (-:

Logs when the scraping fails may help, but this is really more of a Kodi issue, so you may want to ask for help in the Kodi forums.

This is the important bit that will likely solve your issue. It appears when seeing your scraper on the source.

"Directory contains single movie”, no I do not have “Selected folder contains a single video” set.

I do have “Movies are in seperate folders that match the movie title”, and “Scan recursively” set.

Unless you use extra levels of directories between the directory listed as the source in Kodi and the directories that have the movies, then you don’t need “Scan recursively”. If you do have extra levels, you’ll need them set as you say, but those two settings will always eventually screw up on Blu-Ray rips that aren’t stored as ISOs.

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The Kodi documentation would seem to disagree with you.


If using VIDEO_TS or BDMV folder structure you must enable Recursive lookup when adding the source directory. (You will be reminded of this and the above setting in later pages.)

I suggest then that you take this up on the Kodi forums as this is clearly a Kodi issue that you are having.