Finally got Kodi working to my satisfaction with my iTunes music library

I’ve been a long time OSMC (and Raspbmc before that) user and have always found that Kodi worked very well with my videos and pictures but I was never that impressed with it for music (this is a Kodi thing, not an OSMC thing), but today all that changed and I now have it working to my satisfaction and this makes me very happy.

I have an iTunes library and have it just how I like it on the PC. This is one of the things that keeps me using an iPhone as I’m afraid that if I switch to Android I may end up with a worse music experience. Up till now when I tried importing my music into Kodi some of my artwork appeared but some didn’t, it was maybe about 50% working and 50% not. I found out today how to fix this. If you put a folder.jpg picture into each album folder, Kodi will use this to display the ablum art. There are even some scripts (I’ve only found these for macOS) you can use that will extract the artwork from you iTunes to create the folder.jpg.

Just thought I’d share this in case others were in the same boat