Finally installed, Vero 4K+ thoughts

I’ve had my 4K+ for over a week but only today did I get round to switching out my Mede8er.

Initial setup was easy, having to make sure to go into Advanced to sort the setup options in detail. Everything seems to pass through audio-wise, although I have no 4K content or any other devices so can’t check Atmos etc. Video seems to be fine once you switch to making it auto switch based on the source content. Played a few videos to check it picked the content up OK and seems good. Been watching some 480p American Dad! and so far all good.

I prefer the normal Kodi skin, couldn’t work out how to switch off subtitles in the OSMC one and for some reason MakeMKV always makes subtitles default to on in DVDs.

Overall happy so far. Issues that aren’t really issues, the power cable isn’t really long enough for me and the HDMI socket is upside down compared to everything else and my cables are thick enough that it lifts the Vero up on one side because it’s that light :smiley:

Kodi issues I’ll try and find out but for some reason it won’t list Alien 3 with the 3 being superscript. Strange. Next job will be to try to sort out music videos etc :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback.

How long a power cable would you realistically want? Maybe this is something we can look in to in the future.



Don’t make the mistake I made and stick a book on it to hold it down - it will overheat :wink:

I like my Vero but I do agree with the OP that the ports (USB) are upside down and I hope the next generation will address that.

When turning the Vero ‘off’ I currently use the ‘suspend’ command. Is this the best option for setting it to minimal power usage?

How much power is it using? Just wondering if it could use a standard USB cable or something to make it easier to extend for you? 1.5-2m is good for me.

2A is required.

You can change this in MakeMKV when ripping.

In the Properties : MKV Flags field you will notice the d. That’s OK, that just means that it’s the default track. If it’s df, that means its the default and forced track, so Kodi will show the subs. You can change it to just d, or just remove the value completely.

If you’ve already done the rip, you can use MKVToolNix to fix it using the Header Editor:

Just edit it to remove the forced and/or default as you like. This will not remux, it just re-writes the headers, so it’s very fast. (EDIT: Opps, just noticed that I had selected an audio track instead of subs in the image above, but the idea is identical for subs, just select the sub and change default/forced)

There is a way to change the default behavior in MakeMKV, but it’s a bit complex. Head over to the MakeMKV forums and search for Subtitles for more information.


Excellent, many thanks :slight_smile: Found the way to disable subtitles for all in the Kodi skin but not sure if that’s disabling forced tracks for films. I’ll get there!

And voltage? Would it be possible to make a hardware change to a normal microUSB? Common power supplies could then be used? Just thinking out loud :slight_smile:

Using non standard hardware could seriously damage the device and void the warranty.

Eh? I was simply asking Sam if it’d be possible to use a microUSB PSU in a future revision, just like many other low-power devices use. What has non-standard hardware got to do with this?

Sorry, I thought you wanted to make your own power supply instead of using the provided one.

The reason for barrel connector instead of a micro USB is that connection is more reliable and also it avoids people using micro USB power supplies (eg phone chargers) that are not up to the job


In theory. you should not be able to turn off ‘forced’ subs, as they are, well forced. They are used for things like when Klingons are talking so you know what they are saying :wink:

You do not understand klingon language? :alien:

Ahh no, was just with Sam asking about power cable lengths, it’d be easier to buy longer ones :slight_smile:

Yep, I’m going to have to watch a movie I know has forced subtitles and see what happens :smiley:

Yea, my Klingon is very rusty, so I use the subs :vulcan_salute: