Finding a Wifi AC Adapter

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for a new wifi adapter for my Raspberry Pi 3 as my old one produces nasty CRC errors (it’s the adapter, not a driver issue) and the intern Wifi adapter is too slow to stream 1080p movies. I would love an adapter with linux support and that works without manually adding additional drivers. I know that USB 2.0 bus speed is limited around 480Mbps, the smaller AC600 wifi adapters should be able to produce ~433Mbps and the big AC1200 ones even 867Mbps (5Ghz). In the end, I don’t really care how fast the wifi is as long as I can play 1080p movies without any lags, but as most AC1200 sticks are not much more expensive I figured I should probably go with AC1200 as long as I can find a stick that is supported by OSMC. And yes, my network should be fast enough, I can stream ~10GB mkv’s to my PC. Now the only question is what Wlan Stick should I buy? I’m using the official Raspberry Pi Power Supply and an additional HifiBerry Digi+ if this is of any importance in regards to power consumption. I looked at some TPLink stuff (\eg T4U) as they are rather cheap in Germany but it looks like they are not supported by OSMC. If any one has a recommendation for a good AC adapter that won’t cause any trouble I would be very grateful.


Have you seen these yet?

I think they are mostly talking about SMB streaming whereas I’m using NFS. I could probably also directly mount the NFS volume outside of Kodi and tweak some of the xml’s but I think in the end it should be worth it to just buy a better wifi adapter. This guys problems seem to be heavily related to his switch too…

This maybe?

I have seen this one too. I don’t really love ordering outside of Germany and paying shipping-fees and the dongle is not super fast but it would probably be sufficient. I’ll consider it if can’t find a faster one that is supported by OSMC.

Thanks for the feedback. The 433Mbps dongle is fast enough for USB 2.0, and the decision was made to pick a stable chipset that we can support for some time

The info on shipping is useful. I am working with the couriers to bring the shipping costs down, as I always suspected customers were unfriendly with them.