Finds updates again and again

Searching for a new update will find a new update every few days. Which can be installed. In fact, version 19.4 (19.4.0) is always installed. Why is an update found when there is no new update?

These are typically security or other updates for the underlying debian operating system.

You would need to share logs to answer that question but very likely you are on the testing repository of OSMC

OK. I did not know that. So the test repository of OSMC is completely normal?

No, that is a repository with Beta test versions which you must have activated. As mentioned upload logs (MyOSMC - LogUploader) and we can see what is going on.

Hier das Protokoll:

With a quick look, you are on bullseye(unsure about devel), which means you on test and you will often find updates due to it’s being test repository. Like a if a bug is found in the skin, it will be updated in test first. Ergo you will get an “New update found”, almost daily and sometimes I’ve seen 3-4 new packages on one day. Like a spelling mistake can trigger a new build of a package.

So now you know that yo don’t have to worry.

OK thank you. How was the trial activated?

Probably you one time added buster-devel, and it was activated when Sam did the “trial” roll over from buster to bullseye.

I also know that Sam implemented an automatic “remove from trial” after 2 weeks, around that time.

So I can’t say why you are on bullseye, but the only way to get there was “auto-update from buster testing” or manually adding a line in /etc/apt/source.list. Or install the image files int the Bullseye-test thread.

Either way you are on bullseye, and the only way to get back without making the whole system unstable is a reinstall of the system from a buster image

OK. then I will leave it as it is. will “bullseye” be deactivated in a new version? or does it not matter if bullseye is always activated?

Well, Bullseye is the name of the Debian version which, if I remember correctly, the next stable release of OSMC will be based upon. I think Sam said something about end of summer, and that isn’t that far off.

So I see no harm in leaving it in, since in the near future it will be the default.

Your posting history shows that you added this repository in February. We are pushing regular updates to this repository and it will be stable in early September.

You can follow the changes in the Debian Bullseye thread.

Non devs would probably be better served with their update frequency rate set a bit longer. Not only would it be less bothersome but they would be less likely to get caught in one of those ‘woops’ updates before it is quickly replaced. :grin: