FireTV remote (BT) + rPi2b = supported?

Dear all,
Can’t get this working
Following the OSMC wiki guide, when I navigate to MyOSMC - Networking. There is no mention of Bluetooth anywhere.

My box is old raspberryPi2b
Google results indicate it does NOT have Bluetooth built-in

So I have added a USB BT dongle to the Pi to see if this improved matters - hard reset pi, still no mention of it in MyOSMC.

should there be?

The dongle has a sync/activate/ping button on it, I’ve held it in various scenarios using OSMC, seems to make no diff.

Can anyone out there confirm -
RaspPi2b does or does not have Bluetooth onboard?

Regardless of whether the remote is successfully synced, I would have expected to see a mention of BT in the menu of MyOSMC, so I am a bit suspicious that it’s missing…

Other deets:
MyOSMC reports:
OSMC Nov 2020 2020.11-1

Settings → Summary Information:
OSMC running Kodi 18.9

OSMC NOV 2020.11-1
Kernel: Linux 4.19.122-2-osmc

Any thoughts guys?

Correct, Bluetooth was only introduced with the Pi3B.

Your Bluetooth dongle most likely is not detected/supported

Additionally you should know that not all FireTV remotes can be paired with anything other than a FireTV. Even then I think some of their remotes will only work with certain models.