Hi, my Vero 4K+ is on firmware November 2020.11-1. Is this the latest firmware?

Yes, that’s the latest OSMC release. But there have been a number of updates from upstream (Debian packages) which you should have received.

It’s the latest stable release, yes.



Everyone is getting excited about the big update !! I know I am. (When it comes)


and a possible new device :stuck_out_tongue: (no info, just hopping prior the time to order comes)

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Even if OSMC had a new device ready…it would be very difficult to get it built with chip and labor shortages…in the meantime, I will start hopping too…hope I don’t throw my back out though. :smiley:

very true, something out of my sight I must admit. But you know the fear to see a new announce just after the purchase even if the 4K+ should fulfill all my needs… :wink: