First impressions - a bit concerned

Got my Vero 2 today - installed in the same place as the Vero 1 under my TV.

Setup went ok - the new remote worked out of the box. Updated kodi and kernel right away using myosmc.

Vero 2 → Denon X4000 → Panasonic plasma (same setup as Vero)

HDMI seems flaky - my TV looses signal now and then and also there is light distortion momentarily when scanning media for instance.

HDMI cec seems hit-or miss - worked when I booted but stopped working after a while. Not a big deal since the new remote does the job really well.

The HDMI connector is really loose - you feel like the cable could be removed or disturbed very easily.

HOWEVER: I cannot turn off the TV anymore - earlier tv off on remote put receiver to sleep and to wake everything up I use TV remote on. Now vero tries to shutdown even if it is not the selected HDMI input on the receiver. NOT usable :frowning:

So in all the new remote seems cool, but the device in other respects is not as polished in the video signal department.

EDIT: Got the new kernel and playing Video works fine. Haven’t seen the distortions again. A workaround for the CEC power off is in the thread.


The CEC situation will improve when we transition to libCEC which will be in line with the Raspberry Pi and the Vero 2.

The slight image distortion can be caused by the secondary framebuffer. There will be an update later to today which will hopefully address this for you.

The powering on of the TV is not for everyone. I can change this behaviour (we’ll then need to keep track of the TV’s on/off state) in a future update, and it is on my list.

Teething issues, but we’ll take care of them.



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Is your display set to 1080p50 by any chance?


No, It got set to 1080p/60 as far as I can see.

grab-logs -A here:

The most critical problem is the Vero 2 going to the power menu when the TV is switched off - WAF is really low on that one…

Hm, I saw this also several times, but not always. When I switched on TV, Vero was in power menu. But it does not happen every time.
I also saw a case (two-three times) when I switch on TV in the morning, I am on TV, when I press any button, it will switch to Vero input.
But none of those is reliably reproducable.
Lets hope libCEC will solve these issues.

I second that. Every time I switch off my TV, the power menu gets displayed, which is not family friendly:
This way Vero 2 can get switched off accidentally as well. Since there is no Power-on any more, one has to power-cycle the box.

Is there is any way to disable this behaviour? I noticed that the “power-off” event gets triggered even after the dicey HDMI-CEC has stopped working.

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The CEC issues are temporary. Please be patient.

I can wait a bit for the CEC issues to iron out, but as of now I’d rather have the option to opt out of CEC completely since it’s wreaking havoc in my setup.

I just changed to the tv box as input in the receiver and then switched off the tv - the tv turned off, and then on again and the receiver changed to vero.

Tried again and now I pressed home on the vero 2 remote when the other stuff was off so that I would not be greeted with the power menu turning stuff on in the morning.

Now when I turned the TV on there was a static green screen regardless of input chosen on the receiver…

Had to turn everything off and on again to get picture.

Fresh set of logs provided:

I’m not sure that I understand how this is a critical issue - I also see it on my Vero 2 - all I do is press the back button to step back from the shutdown menu…

Meanwhile it should be possible to ignore the power off key event by writing a custom remote.xml file as you can remap a button to ‘noop’ which means no operation. I’ll see if I can come up with one for you.

Try creating a file called keyboard.xml in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/

Into this file paste:


Save and restart Kodi. I haven’t tested it, but it should cause the power button code sent by the TV when powering down to be ignored.

Edit: fixed some mistakes - works now.

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I can’t see how your TV giving a green screen on all inputs could be the fault of the Vero, or any other connected HDMI device for that matter. Sounds like your TV got a bit confused and needed a reboot.

Remember that TV’s these days are all computers too, most of them running Android. I have a one year old Samsung that is otherwise a brilliant TV but even it has spontaneously rebooted a few times in the last few months right in the middle of watching it…

Thanks for trying to find a workaround! Unfortunately it did not work - still on the power menu after TV is turned on again.

Sorry, I forgot that CEC appears as a Keyboard device on the Vero 2, I also made a mistake in the file. Try creating this as a file called keyboard.xml in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/


Delete the remote.xml you had earlier.

I have tested this and it works on my Vero 2. Original post updated to avoid confusion.

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Thank you!

I will test it when I get home.

This will be a perfectly good solution for now.

Tested now. Works like a charm - can even turn off the TV when Vero 2 is the current input on the receiver.