First Setup

Hi guys, i’ve installed OSMC for the first time on an SD to use it as a TV Media Center via Raspberry.
I can see the menu on my TV, but i don’t know how to get the control of it!

With Raspbmc I was able to connect the raspberry to the internet using a Wi-Fi usb key and get the control with the Kodi iPhone App.

What should I do with OSMC?

I’m with a Mac, Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ and I used the OSMC installer choosing 2015-09.2 Version with wireless connection.

There should not be a difference in terms of “how to control” between Raspbmc and OSMC. You might only need to connect a keyboard at the beginning to croscheck if all the services for remote control are activated and possibly password are set or not

Ok, unfortunately I don’t have any keyboard. My idea is to do the first setup via VNC/ssh or something similar, with my Mac.

Any solution?

Actually you can install a VNC as explained here

But the issue is that VNC server will only work if you have any kind (remote or keyboard) attached otherwise no input is possible.
You can try to check the services via ssh in the file .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml but that could be cumbersome if you don’t have e.g. a backup from your old setup.
But no keybard or no remote at all?

An USb keyboard would help immensely here. Can’t yo borrow one from a PC?

SSH is on in the default, Een iphone , ipad , or android will make live more easy , CEC HDMI tv control , or just buy a keyboard for a couple of bugs. there must be always a keyboard in the house somewhere.

The webserver is enabled by default as well. I believe the port used is 8080 but if I’m wrong it would be on port 80. Simply point a web browser from another device at the ip.address.of.pi:8080

Port 80 is used by default. We allow Kodi go bind to privileged by default