Fixing thumbnails in TVShowNextAired add-on

I’ve moved from a NUC running Kodi under Windows to a Vero 4k+. I use an addon, TV Show Next Aired, a lot to see what’s coming up. The addon has an issue that appeared in a recent kodi update where it doesn’t display the show thumbnail, which makes it very hard to read.

On Windows, I was able to go edit a file using the instructions in TV Show Next Aired (Script) Addon, now w/TheTVDB data

Is there an equivalent action available for my 4k+? I’m only familiar with the Windows version.

It’s one of my favourite addons and my wife is complaining.

If course, I can live without it but thought someone might be able to tell me how to do the equivalent activity in whatever my 4k runs on.

You can also change the files on Vero. The kodi folders is .kodi/ so easiest just login via SSH and change the addon file with editor (nano).

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki:

Alternatively you could install Samba Server from the My OSMC add-on and from Windows you could then just bring up explorer and in the address bar type \\[vero's ip address]\osmc\.kodiand that would allow you to make the edits in Windows the same way you previously did.