Flac files skip through the whole album on some albums

I have a problem where if I play certain albums in OSMC, my flac music files (i don’t have any mp3’s) skip and either skip through the whole album or just play the last track.

It’s a raspberry pi 2

I’m a bit of a newb so do let me know if you need any more info…

Log file link incuded:


During some insomnia I looked through your log having had no experience of doing so before :blush: so I shall probably be of no assistance…

  • I noticed that you seemed to load an alternate skin (called box?), I’ve seen comments around here suggesting confluence is the only supported working one. Might be worth switching back to it if you have changed.
  • for all songs including the playing one, the mixer gets invoked to upsample from 44.1khz 16 bit to 48k 32bit. I suspect somewhere you could set your audio out to match the streams rate. If your’re desperate.
  • Otherwise, the first nine songs go from stream started to stream finished with no error messages in between.
  • Only the last seems to open a GUI element from the skin during its playback until you stopped it ~10 sec later.

Do all the files play indidually? Are you starting them all from a playlist or by selecting them all?
Are you able to play a selection of working songs, if so is it still only the last that plays?

Best of luck hunting… :smile:


Thanks for taking the time to look into it for me.

I changed back to confluence with no joy.
None of the files played individually except for the last one. I was playing them by selecting the first in the list.
I also noticed that all of the file lengths had been shortened on adding to osmc, with one track being only 1 second long (but not on windows where they also play normally).

Meanwhile I got hold of different source copies of the files and they now work normally in osmc - was the easiest way to fix it turns out - but very strange indeed!