Flac flac not being recognised

Hi, I have some music fles in flac format and they are not being recognised in the display.

Is there a package I need to install to be able to use flac? Another machine I have has a ‘flac’ binary do I need to install that?

Flacs should be supported out of the box. If you post debug logs we could see what’s happening.

Where exactly are you experiencing this? Are they not scraping to an audio library or are you trying to play them from the videos section (which in a stock setup is intentional)?

Yes, simple in the end, can’t play music in Videos and as my son discovered today, you can’t play Videos in Music.
I wish there was just a plain file manager interface, Kodi is so simple but has so much complexity under the hood that I have neither the time nor inclination to spend hours tinkering with it. I suspect to anyone non technical this might as well be magic.
I miss using Clementine and Amarok before that.

Actually you can but you would have to manually tell Kodi to display them using an advancedsettings.xml file. For example…

<advancedsettings version="1.0">

Although this isn’t exactly ideal as playing them from the “Videos” section will only play one file at a time unless you manually queue up a playlist.

There is, in Kodi’s main settings section. You should be able to see Flac files in this section without any tweaks but it also will not automatically queue up the next track. Likely what you actually want to do is go to the music section, then files, then add music. You would select your source location from here and then it will ask you if you want to scan it to a library. If you say yes then (after a likely very long scan) you will have a library with metadata that will allow you to browse by artist, album, genre, and various other methods. If you select no a scan will not be performed but you will have a location in music>files you you can browse and play from.

One thing I do is add some video formats to the music section (mkv) via advanced settings, then rip some of my BDAs to mkv (when they actually put some interesting video graphics with the music, for example, the Rush - A Farewell to kings BDA) , then you can add in a matching cue file pointing at the mkv files:


REM GENRE “Progressive Rock”
REM DATE 1977-09
TITLE “A Farewell To Kings (BDA)”
FILE “01 - Rush - A Farewell To Kings.mkv” WAVE
TITLE “A Farewell To Kings”
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE “02 - Rush - Xanadu.mkv” WAVE
TITLE “Xanadu”
INDEX 01 00:00:00
(etc etc)

And add that to a folder in your music library next to all the other albums. Kodi will then actually scan the album into the music library, and when you play it, it plays the video files with the video player.

I imagine you could do something similar with music videos. Just create an album.cue file with the videos you want and scan it into the music library as an album. (after adding the file types as “music” file types in advancedsettings.xml)