Flac/other codecs missing

Hello, I just installed the osmc RC and it’s absolutely great. One of the few things that i still struggle with is getting the CD ripping to work. When I go into preference->Music->CD and try to choose a codec i can only find aac and wma, but I really would like to have my audio files as flac. I remember that in raspbmc it was always provided as a default.

Anybody an idea why it’s missing and how I can get it to work?


Will investigate


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Hoping for a solution to this as I’d love to use OSMC and CD drive to rip my CD collection to ogg or flac.

Hi guys,

The main thing why I bought my Pi 2 to listen my Hi res music on it.
It is impossible yet.
I installed the OSMC and I tried to play 96kHz/24bit FLAC. The music was falling apart, skipping. Same result with the DTS Audio coded WAV files. I could listen the same quality files (FLAC) on my friend’s Pi 1 with Raspbmc.
I got a lots of SACD ISO files. Is it possible to listen them on the Pi2 somehow?


The only codecs available right now in version RC2 to rip music are AAC and WMA. Would be great to have FLAC,ALAC,AIFF and WAV to rip cd’s on board as well. Since playing lossless files over the USB port to an external DAC plays perfect now this becomes a serious device to play music using the various remote apps available having the TV switched off.

—addition to my previous post—
Using the Vero device. Not sure if the PI plays to DAC over USB ok. Last time I tested on the PI2 (rc1), the music plays with a crackling noise.

I think this is just a binary addon I need to add.


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Hello, I was hoping this would get fixed in the last RC but unfortunately AAC and WMA are still the only audio codecs available. Can we hope to see that implemented in the next version? :))

Hi there,
Is there any news on the missing codecs?
I have the same problem. Trying to play FLAC files through Tidal streaming service.
Unfortunetaly without any succes.


It will be included with Kodi 15.x Isengard.

However I think the original poster was enquiring about encoders, not decoders. OSMC should be able to play FLAC files already. I suggest a new thread with a log


Will this new codec also include DFF format playback?

Any movement on this? I can still only rip to aac or wma. Would be nice just to be able to pop a CD into the drive connected to my Pi and let it rip.