Flashing front L.E.D. when powered off

When the Vero is powered off, even with the power supply jack disconnected the front L.E.D. flashes approx every 10 seconds. The only way to stop it is to disconnect the H.D.M.I. cable. I think this has only happened after one of the recent updates, is there something in the settings that I can change to stop the L.E.D. flashing. In standby the L.E.D. is just on. I like to power devices off when not in use.

Thanks for any assistance.

Could it be that you have an issue with your electrical installation? This can hardly be related to any software updates or whatsoever.

Is there anything connected to the USB on the device?

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Nothing connected to USB, only wired Ethernet and HDMI, unplug HDMI and LED stops flashing.

Can’t change these kind of things in software.

Looks like a short on the HDMI cable from your TV. I’d try it on a different port and also check the TV out.

It is the Vero.

The present connection is through a Marantz AV Amp. So I have disconnected that HDMI from the Vero.

I have connected it to a HDMI port directly to my LG Oled with a different HDMI cable the LED still flashes.

Can you show a photo of the setup?


What exactly would you like me to take a photo of please not sure if you mean hardware or software.

This can’t really be a software issue.

Could you please take a photo of how the Vero is hooked up / situated in your room and upload it here?


Please find attached photo, this is with the alternative cable directly to the T.V. normally the Vero is connected to my AV amp. I have a short video size 16 MB if you want to see that.


Magnetic induction from the speaker (I assume the Vero is on top of a speaker) to the coiled HDMI cable perhaps?

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That position of the Vero was only there as an example with it connected to the TV. The Vero is normally connected to my Marantz AV amp with a straight cable. Both positions, that is connected to the amp or the TV and the LED flashes until the HDMI cable is disconnected. The power to the Vero, the Ethernet cable and even the remote dongle can all be disconnected, the LED still flashes. Everything works perfectly it is just distracting to see the LED flashing so I have put something in front of it to solve the problem.

I wonder if there’s some sort of coil effect from that HDMI cable.

I don’t think I have been clear enough with my explanation.

I have a normal setup with a HDMI cable going to a Marantz AV amp and then to the T.V. LED flashes when Vero is powered down through the menu and power socket to Vero power supply is switched off.

The photograph is with that setup eliminated using a different HDMI cable feeding directly into the TV both situations have the LED on the front of the Vero flashing when the power socket is switched off.

The only common point is the Vero itself. The LED flashes with the TV powered of and the Marantz powered off.

The Vero functions normally otherwise. Steady Blue LED when using Vero, if I power down the Vero through the menu the LED is permanently on until I manually switch the power socket off it is then that the LED flashes. Disconnecting the HDMI cable stops it flashing.

There must be power on the hdmi cable. Is the TV in standby? If so it probably has the HDMI powered to check for CEC power on commands.
You might need to turn off the TV at the power socket.

Thanks for the suggestion a friend has taken it to his place to test on his TV (different manufacturer) and a differant HDMI cable. I will provide some feedback when I have information