Flickering artifacts since the Nov 2021 update

My Vero 4K+ has been exhibiting flickering artifacts when watching specific files, especially kids cartoons. This has all started around the Nov 2021 update. It was actually slightly before then, with a dev update I made for a different reason. It has not been fixed with the March 2022 update. I have also tried a clean install, but it didn’t help. I am not 100% sure, but I believe the August 2021 update was fine. Of note, I think the problem aligns with the video decoding microcode update for the Vero 4K+.

One obvious way it consistently manifests is that cartoon contours flicker rapidly, I’d guess at a rate of 10+ flickers per second. But there are other elements that flicker that are less obvious. A sample of flickering can be observed in [3] below. The recording doesn’t capture the full experience since it’s much more visible and distracting in real life.

  1. sanitized logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/wikoleyopu
  2. media info: https://paste.osmc.tv/evehotuvew
  3. flicker recording: bluey intro flicker - Emalm

Happy to provide more logs and info.


Do you know which version it worked successfully with?

As mentioned previously, I believe the last version that worked fine was the one released in August 2021 with Kodi 19. For me it broke some time before the November 2021 update when I had to switch over to the dev packages for an unrelated issue. Judging by my browser history, I think I applied the unrelated dev fix around 2021/10/16, which is around the time when I started noticing the flickering artifacts.

I have tried a fresh install with the Nov 2021 release but it didn’t make a difference.

As you can still reproduce the issue with the latest video stack, I’d suggest we get a sample file.

Sample file: test_flicker_1 - Emalm (see “Original file” link)

Thanks. I’ve downloaded the file _tbxK_orig.mkv and will take a look in the near future.


I tried again today with the September 2022 update and the problem is still there.