Flickering black/green screen after Kodi exit or crash

Most of the time when I exit Kodi, or when Kodi crashes (or is manually killed due to a hang) I don’t get the sad face but my TV screen starts flickering black and dark green very fast as if the Vero is unable to initialize the screen.
In the background kodi is restarted but it won’t show on the screen which keeps on flickering. (I do hear the interface sounds however)
The only way that I found to fix this is by rebooting the Vero4K over SSH (or pulling the cord).

Only once in a while the display remains intact an I see the sad face, followed by restart of kodi.

Any idea where to start looking to fix this ?

Try another HDMI cable first. I had a similar issue some years ago with a projector and a long HDMI cable.

If you can reproduce it reliably, we can look into what the issue may be.

If it helps, it’s the same thing I see when I start and stop a video which triggers a refresh rate adjustment (i have that setting enabled), but it only happens once and it’s instantaneous (without the sad face).

That’s expected when changing Refresh Rate. My Optoma does the same.

If you have configured a different video mode in Kodi than your TV claims to officially prefer, then that explains the flicker on kodi startup too.

You will see the same on other platforms.

Meanwhile I haven’t seen this issue anymore for a long time already, without changing any cables. So I assume it is fixed in one of the updates since then.