Hi, For my sins I decided to use a FLIRC for the IR control of OSMC.
This sort of works but with a few problems. The up key on the RC6 remote is interpreted as down.
I tested the remote itself by getting irw to show the codes as presented by lirc on my desktop, this is OK up is up.
However evtest reports up as down, mostly, just sometimes as up, this is the same on my ubuntu desktop and the raspberry pi 2 running OSMC.

Anybody any idea what might be going on here?

I will try and get some answers from FLIRC but I’ve not been able to sigh up to thier forum as it insists I’m robot, last time I checked I wasn’t but If I have been assimilated I would expect my typing to improve …


Not sure how to advise you to proceed but an FLIRC device is not treated as an IR device.
I use a remote control with a FLIRC, and configure it as a special keyboard, but this may not be what you want to do.

You have to program a FLIRC by pressing remote buttons for left/right/up/down/enter etc.
It sounds like it hasn’t been programmed correctly.

You program it by running the FLIRC utility on windows/mac/ubuntu with the FLIRC dongle connected to that PC.

au contraire, the flirc has been programmed with the provided GUI, and as I said in my original post the interpretation is sometimes up but mostly down. I see the codes produced by a button press using evtest 108 and 103 are the codes produced. A vanilla USB keyboard plugged into the Pi works fine. …S

The FLIRC just looks like a keyboard.
So when plugged into a PC (e.g. Ubuntu) if it gets the wrong keys sent, then it’s not an OSMC issue.
You’ll need to report that in FLIRC forums.

And since the Flirc only emulates a USB keyboard that rules out OSMC as being the source of the problem.

As popcornmix notes, Flirc is fully programmable, so if you press up on the remote and the Flirc sends a down keypress then OSMC will clearly do the wrong thing.

Try plugging your flirc into a PC/Mac, open up a text file and position your cursor in the middle of it then hit the arrow buttons - it should move the cursor in the correct direction. I bet it doesn’t :wink:

BTW I have a Flirc on my Mac used with Kodi so I’m very familiar with how they work.

get the program add-on called keymap the remap the keys!

But the point is as I said in my first post, it’s not consistent, sometimes up is up but most times it’s down

Nobody else seems to have your issue - a Flirc emulates a keyboard so all Kodi will be seeing is a USB “keyboard” that is sending it an arrow up or arrow down key. There’s no way that Kodi is somehow mysteriously going to be getting up and down arrows mixed up, and only sometimes…

You need to check the operation of the Flirc outside of Kodi and check it’s programming, and possibly ask for help on the Flirc forum as it will not be a Kodi/OSMC issue assuming you have not customised any of the xml files in Kodi yourself.