FM Radio on OSMC

Is there a way to have FM radio on OSMC? Thanks.

It’s possible to get the BBC live streams.
For details, see this thread on kodi forums, and look towards the end where there is a link to the file for the radio streams.

You can make .strm files for your stations and access them directly from your favourites.

Most major stations will offer a stream link. Here’s a good list for the EU:

I prefer this method over the Radio app in the official repo - it was never quite stable for me as the streams would often break. Never figured out why.

edit: and metadata such as current track will display if available.

Thanks for the links I’ll Try That Out. :smile:

Sorry that this is a little late, but you could try installing the Tunein add-on:

It allows you to listen to almost any live radio stream from all over the world. I have it on my cell phone and it works great. I have not tried it yet on my RPi2 OMSC yet, but will tonight when I get home. (I just found it after reading your initial post.)