Folder Movie Delate


Sorry for my English and sorry if the question was already treated,

After cleaning my library, result = 0 movie, The folder “movie” was destroyed, in the start menu I only available TV Series, now that I have movies how appear the movie file ?

thank you


Yes I say to ad video sources, but I don’t have the folder “Movie” or “Video” on the start menu. In the beging I have in the start menu “Movies”, “Series TV”, “Video” “Music” “Picture” “My OSMC” “Favorite” “Programs” “Weather” “parameter” “Alimentation” and after cleaning my database I have : “Series TV”, “Video” “Music” “Picture” “My OSMC” “Favorite” “Programs” “Weather” “parameter” “Alimentation”

You need to scan the source.

Thanks that’s good for me !