Folder sharing not working properly with either SMB or UPnP

Hi, I’be been using a Raspberry Pi2 as a media player for 2 months now. It is connected to the TV in my sitting room. I connect to my PC running Windows 10 in my office using an ethernet network share.

I have several video folders on the HD of my PC and several ext HDDs connected to my PC. On the Raspberry Pi, I set up a SMB share with my PC and it works perfectly for the videos on the HDDs, but not with the folders on my HD. If I try to access the folders on the HD, it shows me a couple of the folders but not all, and the folders it shows me changes every time I try to access them. The sharing permissions are all fine and I have turned off the password requirement in the Network settings of Windows 10. Why does it work with the ext HDDs but not with the HD on my PC?

I set up an UPnP share to access the folders on the HD and it works fine, but only for a day or two. Then I get an error message saying it cannot connect to the network source. So I have to delete the UPnP source and re-install it.

Ideally, I would prefer to use a SMB share for all my folders but don’t really care as long as I can get stable access to my video folders.

Thanks in advance for any help

I don’t know what your settings are, Samba with the latest windows versions is a pain.
Check guest/amonymous account and share perhaps with those.

It’s not really an answer to your questions, but I moved everything to external HDD’s and hooked them up to my Pi2 and shared them with samba.
My Pi2 does everything including downloading.
PC since 10 years gets turned off now even sometimes :wink: