Folder view browsing

I searched the hell out of google but I simply can’t find the answer. how can I enable folder based browsing for my media categories. For me it’s mostly music. Currently I can only browse through my music based on the tags. I can select artist, album etc. what I want is to be able to browse through the music folder and select and play music that way.

There’s no option in the settings to change browsing to some sort of file view. Does anyone know how I can achieve this?

Kodi’s default is to browse in library mode. You can go into Videos > Files or Music > Files. Either of those should give you what you want, I think.

It probably wouldn’t be too hard to map a couple of your remote’s button to take you there.

Those are the ones I use, havingno need for libraries at the moment.

Thanks a lot for your replies. I thought I did the same thing when I tried to navigate to my files.