Font Size and video info


I love the skin and i love Vero 4K+, amazing little device.
I have a couple of questions.

Is it possible to change font size on OSMC ?
Especially when you highlight what you want to play , letters are very big and you need to wait for the title to scroll if you want to read the full name of the file you want.
Same situation and when trying to download subs.

Another thing that I would like to see in OSMC, is full video info during playback when pressing info button.

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One for @Chillbo

That’s a simple no, I’m afraid.

I can see your point. But we have to make a compromise between readability on most screens (big and small ones) and the average reading speed (scrolling shouldn’t be too fast or too slow). Making this adjustable would be a huge undertaking… So, as there hasn’t been any demand for this before, I’m afraid, we won’t change this.

The full video info - I guess you’re referring to the PlayerProcessInfo - isn’t mapped to the info key normally, correct. But you can remap keys to your liking (e.g. with the very useful Keymap Editor).