For those who wants to view 2:1 ascpect ratios on cinemascope screens without motorised lens

I just discovered an amazing feature that I was hoping that kodi/osmc could pull of:
By using the video calibration together with the remove black bars function I was able to view tv shows with aspect ratios of 2:1 in full resolution like this, I created a different profile with a different video calibration settings that will be used when watching tv shows with this aspect ratio, like this:

This is useful for those who have a projector with an anamorphic lens and a cinemascope screen.
The LXB function in my projector only works for viewing 2.35:1 cinemascope, but its does not work for 2:1 tv shows, it crops the pictures too much, so this solution solves this problem and it is not required to use a projector with motorised lens to view 2:1 tv series.

Perhaps this is not useful for many people but those who has a projector and cinescope screen will benefit greatly :slight_smile:

That’s funny - I have post-it notes on the frame of my screen as well :wink:

It looks more like masking tape to me.

yeah wanted to make correct measurements :slight_smile:

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