Force resolution on vero

Is there any I can force the resolution, my TV’s native res is 1024x768, but it vero defaults to 1920x1080, which doesn’t look as good as the native res. ATV1 lets me do it. I tried messing with /boot/uEnv.txt but didn’t help.

I used the OSMC settings to make a similar change - worked well, and persists.

You can’t change the vero resolution in OSMC settings Derek. (I assume you’re thinking of a Pi with hdmi_mode etc)

In the current Vero build of Kodi you can’t customise the resolution but that is something that should be available in RC2.

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I have build KODI from source, thanks to your other help on the other thread!

I see the resolution picker available, but it doesn’t list the 1024x768 res. I only lists 1920x1080p, 1280x720p and 640x480p. Not sure if that too is fixed

Attached is my dmesg

Ok - not under OSMC Settings addon (?), but under System|settings|Video Output

Which is currently greyed out in the Vero build. But will be fixed soon.

If you are saying the

is greyed out - that must be for the OSMC skin, but I used Confluence

Are you using a Vero Derek ?

Because in the current Vero build the resolution settings in Kodi are not functional. It’s nothing to do with the skin, but rather file permissions in /sys/class/graphics/fb0/

Yes, I’m using my Vero loaded wih the OSMC version it came with, and updated since. I haven’t played with any file permissions - indeed, I wouldn’t have known where to start.

Sorry Derek

You were right - I wasn’t aware that Sam had pushed some of the resolution changing fixes for the Vero to release. We are working on further improvements to resolution switching and detection though which should see the light of day in RC2.