Forced Subtitles don't always display - Vero 4K+

Bought this in the hope of Forced Subtitles working automagically like on Blu Ray players. However:

Forced subtitles only seem to work for certain movies - I was so hoping this media box did them without issue but seems not :frowning_face:

Where subtitles work automagically Lion (2016) Blu Ray they work without a hitch

Where they don’t work: Baby Driver (2017) UHD Blu Ray - on the section where sign language is used.
Also Avatar forced subtitles will display only if you choose the correct subtitle stream

Can anyone else confirm they have the same issue for Baby Driver and Avatar.

I also found that on stopping playback of Baby Driver 4K UHD movie - it seemed to corrupt the Vero’s ability to play other 4K movies - would try to load the movie but ended up just staying on the movie wall icon of the movie. I have had to reload the omsc image from usb to get the player to play 4K movies again.

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We would need to know more about the files you are trying to play…in particular mediainfo would be very helpful.

I have no issues with forced subtitles using MKV if the tracks/subtitles are marked correctly. To make it work, you need the following:

  • The track with the forced subtitles needs to be marked as the same language as your preferred language
  • If the forced subtitles are in a separate track, it needs to be marked as “forced”
  • If the forced subtitles are in a track with “normal” subtitles, the forced subtitles need to each be marked as “forced”

Kodi (nor any other media player) can’t do magic…it can only show forced subtitles if the file has the information it needs to figure out what to show.

Thanks for you reply @nabsltd
All the movies tested are iso files. What type of media info is required and can you tell me the best way to get this if it is from the Vero 4K+. Otherwise I can supply it from BDInfo.
I will certainly try converting them to mkv and mark them as forced and see if they then work correctly.

Even with a full scan, BDInfo will not tell you if a subtitle track contains forced subtitles. You would need to use a tool like MakeMKV or eac3to on the files in the ISO. In some cases, you would have to completely extract the subtitle track to be sure.

Are you playing back the ISOs using BluRay menus, or just by picking a playlist? On some BluRay discs, forced subtitles are not marked at all, but are instead indicated to the player using BD-Java. Kodi doesn’t support BD-Java discs correctly.

MakeMKV can convert a full BluRay to an MKV file with correct tagging of subtitle tracks so that forced subtitles work, but sometimes the process requires the user to decide whether a track has forced subtitles or not.

So - the movies that don’t automatically show forced subtitles (Baby Driver 4K and Avatar 3D) I converted to MKV, set the relevant subtitle stream forced flag to Yes and the subtitles show on playback. The strange thing with 4K movies is that the subtitles are very small and displayed in the middle left hand side of the screen rather than at the bottom. Is there a way to rectify this or is it a known issue. Thanks

That’s a bug in 3D-enabled test builds.

Ah - ok - no probs. Will wait for the fix for this. Thanks for the prompt response

It’s been fixed and will be in the next 3D build

Fantastic! Can’t wait! Thanks for yours and all the other contributors efforts.