Forgotten Login and Stuck on Spash Screen


I’ve been using Vero for several weeks now and have been generally pleased with the purchase.

I recently ran a manual update and (as requested) restarted the device to install the latest software. However, after an hour of nothing but a blank screen I had to shut the machine down.

Now every time the Vero boots up I’m stuck on the OSMC splash screen. I tried the Alt + F2 key combination but stupidly I cannot remember the login details to go any further. Any suggestions…?

Try using the manual update again by booting while holding ctrl+shift. If that fails, then you might use the recovery console by holding shift while booting. Sounds like you may have run out of disk space during the upgrade?

Both options are detailed a bit here:

If you’re trying to log in at the console the username and password are both osmc.


df -h

to check how much free disk space there is, also please provide the output of:

sudo journalctl | paste-log


paste-log /var/log/apt/term.log

That should provide some clues.