'Frame advance' not longer available


After v15, ‘frame advance’ feature is no longer available.
Maybe the new “Skip steps” broke/disabled it ?

when I ‘press pause then right’ the skip step runs



Can you try enabling omxplayer in video/acceleration settings?
(this has always been an omxplayer feature - dvdplayer doesn’t support it).

I have both enabled. Didn’t worked
Enabled only omxplayer. Didn’t worked

‘right’ and ‘left’ keys didn’t changed in remove.xml in /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps so not a key issue

>   <FullscreenVideo>
>     <remote>
>       <left>StepBack</left>
>       <right>StepForward</right>

@popcornmix can you confirm please?

Not currently supported. The skip steps change means the code path that handled frame advance is no longer called.

bug/issue or something that Kodi won’t support anymore?

Not sure. I’ve not seen much evidence of people using it and it’s non-standard (not supported by kodi on other platforms) so possibly it should be dropped.