Frame rate and tv refresh rate

been running a lot of 23,976 fps mkv files on the vero and Samsung tv without problems while the vero is set to adjust display refresh to video

when running either 25 fps or 29,970 fps mkv or avi the tv switches to 50hz or 60hz respectively, but when it does it results in a lot of audio dropouts.

when disabling the vero’s adjust display refresh to video and set it manually to 25 fps or 30 fps respectively I have no problems, but this is quite annoying

been tampering with the refresh rate overrides in the advancedsettings but to no avail

Ideas are welcome or is it a bug?

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I do not own a Vero so will just talk in generalities…

Devices that do not have video output modes of 23.97 (24p) or 59.94 but do provide output at 24, 50 and 60Hz and can Adjust refresh rates to those three, may do the following:

  • 23.976 fps video is sped up to output at 24fps and audio is resampled.
  • 29.97 fps video is sped up to output at 30fps and audio is resampled.

When Audio is resampled you may or may not notice and increase in the sound pitch of the Audio itself. Kodi can also use the Video Clock and Drop/Dupe Audio.

I could be wrong but I believe i.mx6 devices have no Video reference clock and this may be the cause of audio dropouts.

If playing 23.976fps content at 24Hz and Audio is not resampled and just passed through to an AVR or TV, audio and the sped up video will end up out of Sync eventually.

A lot of Android devices are sometimes even worse due to a lack of True 24p video output. 23.976fps (24p) video displayed at 60Hz will use a 3:2 pulldown technique resulting in video judder noticeable by some sensitive people when the video camera pans about in a scene.
You either put up with that or refresh rate switch to 24Hz and then endure a video frame glitch approx. every 41 seconds as a repeat video frame is inserted to try and keep up with the 24Hz Audio.

Just recently companies like MINIX and HardKernel using AMlogic SoC’s now finally have the ability to output the required 23.976, 29.97 and 59.94 video rates to provide perfect video sync and Audio passthrough. This is a kinda a big deal in the Android media player space.

Clear as Mud ? :wink:


Thanx for the input!

But the more I have been using it the more I think there is a bug somewhere: when setting the Vero’s video output to 1920*1080p with 50hz refresh my Samsung tv can not lock unto it properly and a lot of tearing appears… eventually it gives up syncing to it…

All is updated to the latest releases.

Anyone else having this issue?


Without any offense: You can disregard everything wrxtasy wrote down to the android part. It’s imprecise and wrong.

This is probably a bug with the slightly immature(?) Kodi implementation of the Cubox IGP and/or the drivers for said IGP. Maybe it manifests itself just with your TV. Have you got other TVs to try it out on?

Same answer as in the other thread.

Also think about passthrough audio! When this can be resampled neither 60hz only nor 24 hz only is a problem … but if you can’t, e.g. you want to passthrough - you are quite limited in either: throw video frames away or drop / dupe audio, which you will also hear heavily - pssssscccccht.

For now I suggest: Use the pseudo “Sync Playback to display” (remember cubox / vero) has no ReferenceClock video wise and hope that resample audio works good enough. I case of no RefClock it falls back to a cpu timer driven approach: ← you should see that in your debuglog.

Have just gotten a rapberry pi 2 in the house for other reasons but tried installing osmc on it and it plays without issues - the 25fps file is not an issue of other settings, the audio drops out for seconds at a time and there are static all across the screen.

So either its a bug, a defect or that the vero is inferrior to the raspberry?

Would be nice at this point to have someone from the osmc team chime in

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so did a bit more testing with vero and raspberry


25,000…50…lots of static/tearing in picture
50,000…50…lots of static/tearing in picture, several seconds long audio dropouts

see image below for the static on the unwatchable 50fps

all seem to play perfectly on the raspberry

what to do now: return it or… really need some answers here

Best regards


Not sure what I should tell you … everything has been said on the imx / vero / cubox performance in various threads. The Pi2’s hw decoder is much faster and can play a lot more content in perfect sync.

if 1080p50 is your primary use case - you have bought the wrong device …

Note: This is my personal oppinion based on the data sheet and my personal experience of the imx platform while fixing bugs and implementing new features for the cubox in kodi for it. I own a i4pro … so twice the vero’s cpu speed + GC2000 gpu side with a lot more bus bandwidth, too - but same result.

Hi again and thanx for the info

Although it surprises me and must be one of my bigger blunders in recent time then :smile:

Bought it primarily for the 24p and especially the dtshd and truehd passthrugh but do use it for some 50p

What leaves me wondering then is that if the Vero can’t handle 1080p50 why is it an option in the system setup and why does it not just output 50p as 25p automatically - in this way I would hardly notice it

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You have to distinguish between: Output and decoding. It can display 1080 @ 50 hz very well … But it cannot decode 1080p that has 50 progressive frames and render those to display.

Most blurays are 1080 23.976p …

Well I might got something completely jumbled up then, but as soon as I set the Vero’s system to output 1080p with a refresh rate of 50 even the gui start showing noise and starts tearing… is this correct?

No - this is not correct and is a driver / kernel whatever issue. I don’t have these issues on my systems. This is something osmc developers should care for …

So if anyone from the development team is listening in I have uploaded logs for good measure: CEGODEWUVU

I am replying here (yea i know old thread) but the problem is still there.

I have a 3 rpi2 model b on different TV’s and the results are always the same.

Any media with 25frames the tv locks at 50frames.
Any media with 29,970 tv locks at 60 frames
Any media with 30 frames tv locks at 60 frames.

Since rpi2 model b is able to output to those frame rates why when playing a media at those rates the tv locks at x2?

I don’t have visual problems whatsoever its just something that bugs me when i see it (press 0 and see 25fps, then press tv info and see 50 fps).

Am i wrong here or this is as it should?

Thank you in advance.

And also for a completely different piece of hardware than you are reporting. Please keep Pi support in the Pi subforum.