Frameskipping in the most 1080p files


But I’m not even using that plugin…



I’m aware of that, I just want to make sure we are dealing the same issue. I know the symptoms are the same, but you are using slightly different setups.

Thanks Tom.


Ok, got that. :grin:


Hi Tom!

–> an issue with emby.kodimonitor, appears to causing OnLostDisplay to be sent <–

What does it mean, causing this the Frame Skips? Using Emby Server for over a year with my Q5, Q10 and Shield without any Frame Skips or something - this Problem affect only on the Vero!



I’m not sure if this is causing the issue, and if it is we will need to investigate further to get working on the vero. By disabling emby for testing, this will confirm one way or the other. It may not be causing the issue, I’m just stating what I see in the logs.

Thanks Tom.


Hi Tom!

Ok, understood… very crazy…i have disabled the kodi for emby addon and do an new test (smb via kodi)… 79 Frame Skips in 25 Minutes playtime, then i stop the playback - most of the frame skips occurs in the last 5 minutes! --> playback starts so 22:58 and ends so 23:23…



Thanks for testing and confirming its not an issue with emby. Sorry buts it been a long day, and I’m struggling to see anything else at the minute. I’ll take another look at the logs tomorrow.

Regards Tom.


Hi Tom!

No problem, will help as much as i can - it´s very important to find and repair the issue so when more tets needed it is so!

ExtractThumb - decode failed in smb://DISKSTATION/video/--=Demos=--/dolby_silent_lossless-DWEU.m2ts after 641 packets.

I’m not sure if this the video you are trying to play as there is also an mkv, but there appears to be an issue with this one. From a quick look online, this appears to be a test vid. It looks like it may have been corrupted during the download, probably easier to just remove this clip. This error appears throughout the log.

Thanks Tom.


Hi Tom!

This isn´t the testfile i have the frame skippings! I use dolby_silent_lossless-DWEU.m2ts for testing my Atmos-Equipment, it´s a very short clip! All testfiles with the frame skipping problems are untouched bluray 1:1 mkv.



I didn’t think it was, it just kept appearing the log. I wonder if continual failed attempts to extract thumbnails, may be having negative a effects.

Could you please try the following as test:

Remove the cache settings I suggested, as they didn’t help.

Copy one of clips to usb, (I know we’ve tried this before…)

Isolate the vero4k from the network.

Playback video, with adjust frame enabled and then try again without.

Reconnect to network and upload logs.

Thanks Tom.


Hi Tom!

Ok, will do this later when i´m back from work! Also delete the corrupt m2ts…



Anything that looks like it could be the cause of the problem in my logs, @Tom_Doyle?



14:01:05.081 T:3857437680   DEBUG: FactoryCodec - Audio: passthrough - Opening
14:01:05.081 T:3857437680   DEBUG: FactoryCodec - Audio: passthrough - Failed

Have you tried with just the vero4k connected directly to the TV, and removing the DVR from the equation?

Thanks Tom.


I will try that next, have to do some rearranging for that… Just disabling the DVR plugin you mean?



Sorry I meant AVR, typo.

Could you try and bypass the, Denon AVR-X4300H and connect the vero4k directly to the TV and disable passthrough?

Thanks Tom.


Test run has already started. Direct HDMI connection to the TV, audio set to 2.0 and no passthrough - the setting needed for sound from the TV. Let’s see… If skips start occuring, I won’t do the full 1hr run this time.


ok thanks


Already done:

85 skips and 2 drops, of which 12 skips and 1 drop occured right at the beginning… That was only until I stopped playback after around 20mins. So, no change at all. Again, the fluctuating framerate at the beginning (~8-24.4fps) and every now and then during playback seems to be directly linked to the skips and drops (this time, for the first time, even one drop occured during playback).

The problem is definitely not related to my AVR or the PVR plugin (which I had disabled). And this time with completely different sound settings…



Cheers for doing the test, it was the only thing I could see particularly different my setup and being as I’m not see these issues, it was worth a try. I’ll have a look at the new logs.

Thanks Tom.