Free Space exhausted

When my Vero 4K starts, there is a Message that only 77MB are free and that Kodi doesn’t will start, when no Space is free.

Can I create more Space ? I Have added a 25 GB MiniSD-Card, how can I use this additionally space
for Kodi ?


Eine miniSD Karte mit 25GB habe ich bereits eingesteckt und diese wird auch angezeigt

Am besten osmc debug logs hier hinzufügen damit der Support staff sehen kann was bei dir so viel Platz auf dem internen Speicher frisst.

And please always post in English on this forum so that other users can benefit from discussions/solutions.

Check this suggestion to figure out what takes the space or you can install ncdu
If you can not free any space (unlikely) there are ways to extend storage but I would take as a second step.

Log Uploaded

You have to post the link you’re provided with when uploading the log here.

O.k. I do it this evening - thanks.

Complete Logs:


If you SSH and run the following what does it show…

sudo du -hs ~/.kodi/

and what about

sudo du -hs ~/.kodi/userdata/Thumbnails/

If that last one isn’t showing using 10G or more than you are going to have to do some poking around to find where you used up the space.

With the First command ist Shows in .kodi = 9.5 GB

And in .kodi/userdata 9.5GB

And userdata/thumbnails 7.5 GB

So what I have to do now?

Do you have an unusually large library or has it maybe been redone once or twice so it would have a lot of old dead artwork? You could just delete the artwork cache and let it recreate and download (depending on source, it is automatic), or you could use a cleanup utility. I could also walk you through moving the artwork to your SD card if that is a preferable route.

Can you Show me how To do the Remove
to the the sd


sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv ~/.kodi/userdata/Thumbnails/  /media/A468E22968E1FA46/Thumbnails/
nano ~/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml

In the screen that comes up paste the following


Once you do that press “ctrl-x”, then “y”, and “enter”

And then finally you can restart kodi with

sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Just a FYI you should expect that mv (move) command to take a very long time (maybe over an hour).

Can i also mmove the Thumbnail t Directory
o the SDCard via Filemanager and copy Öle change the path in the XML ?

I would not attempt to do this through Kodi. If you have the SMB server installed you can do it in windows that way but you can just copy and paste the commands I gave you through a terminal window and honestly I think that is the best approach.

Thanks and Good Night

In the advancedsettings.xml now there is the following: Special://Profile/Thumbnails/ /Media/A468E22968E1FA46/Thumbnails/

But When Ìm scrolling in my Filmfolders in Kodi, he creates a new Thumbnails—Folder on the Vero 4K

Whats wrong ?

The Thumbnails—folder is on the SD Card !

Did you restart Kodi (or reboot) after changing advancedsettings.xml?

If you did, please post the complete advancedsettings.xml so we can take a look at it.

Or just post full debug logs, as that will show us advancedsettings and why you change may not be working.