Freesat epg and playing tv on vero 4k

I have a 2020 LG Smart TV (LG 32LU661H) which is intended for hotel and commercial use and obtains the signal from Astra 2 UK satellite. Doing an auto scan for channels, even with encrypted channels omitted gives me hundreds of channels and an unusable programme guide. It may be possible to manually change the guide so that I can find my choices easily but frankly I would be more than happy with Freesat which this LG does not provide. I don’t need any subscription channels or channels which might be better with vpn. Just plain vanilla Freesat.

Rather than mess around with the tuner I am thinking of using my Vero 4K as a Freesat device. Is this feasible and are there any up to date guides? I have read for a couple of hours on various fora and am now more confused than before.

If anybody has time to point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

You would need a USB dongle for DVB-S2.
You should be able to get OTA channels easily enough.

Hi Sam,
Many thanks. I have a suspicion this is a well trodden pathway but I have not found a recent thread. I have no problem getting a USB dongle for DVB-S2 but I shall have to do some work to find a device that works for Freesat epg. Still trying to get my head around the technology. Many thanks once more.

Hi Sam, thanks to Amazon I now have an USB dongle from DVB-S2. It is an Hauppauge PCTV 451e and after reading the enclosed documentation I am not much wiser as it seems to want me to install windoze firmware. Will start googlelng now but I assume it works with Linux. Is there a thread on this forum that might be related?

Not to my knowledge. I think the only DVB-S2 dongle that will almost definitely work is Sundtek because it has a userland-like approach to how it handles drivers.

Should be well supported and firmware available. See

Hi Sam, pity you didn’t mention the Sundtek in your first reply as I have meanwhile bought the Hauppauge/PCTV but no harm done as I have it working fine on my laptop so the question is how to get it working on the Vero 4K.

In order to get the PCTV device working I had to download firmware so I assume this will be the same as fzinken indicates but to use the device on my laptop I used Kaffeine. What is the equivalent App for the vero please?

On the Vero you would use a Client/Server Model that would also allow you to use the Sat TV on any other PC in your LAN.

  1. Install the tvheadend server from the App Store `Settings → MyOSMC → AppStore
  2. Configure the tvheadend server (via browser from your PC) so that all your channels are configured. The internet is full with tutorial just google TVHeadend DVB-S
  3. After the Tuner is working fine you then would use the TVHeadend HTSP Client on the Vero to access the TVHeadend Server Settings->Add-ons → Add-on-browser → My add-ons → PVR clients → Tvheadend HTSP Client and choose configure.

There is a good howto of some of the steps here, but this howto is for a external Sat Tuner not the USB connected one. But might give you some ideas.

I guess Sundtek SkyTV Dual DVB-S/S2/S2X should be interesting for this system, it goes up to 240mbit and has large onboard buffers (a little bit more than 1mbit) to compensate hick-ups.