Freeze during playback

Hello people
is more than a month I’m having a very terrible experience over the RPi.
Long story short, in the middle of the movie the playback fails (video and audio go out of sync for a sec than the whole system freezes. I have to manually reboot it or I have to wait a bunch of minutes before to be able to have control over the system again, which in any case is gonna fail again immediately afterwards or even getting a sad face and then it reboot by it self).
I’ve already tried to debug a bit by my self but everything I’ve done so far was pretty much useless. I’ve changed some setting in the playback since it was suggested here.
the only thing I’ve seen in the log that seems to bothers the machine is the VPN who, for some damn reason, decide to disconnect. but might this influence the playback of a file?
I can provide also the log from yesterday and from some weeks ago.
could you please have a look at my last log.
I’ve just downgraded the vpn addon to a previous version back to when I was not having any issue and it happens anyway. The playback got stuck after 10sec. the system was completely frozen and after a bunch of min it just went “sad face”.
Can you please help me !!

Thank a lot!

In player settings turn MMAL back on, and set refresh rate switching to on start/stop. In your audio settings change it from optimized to best match.

ok sorry for letting you wait.
I just did what you said, and I also noticed that the remote of the tv I use was not working anymore, I assumed it was due to the fact I disabled CEC adapter. so I re-enabled that and I reboot it.
now I get this

Waiting for root filesystem device /dev/mmcblk0p2
/dev/mmcblk0p2: clean, 61073/1929536 files, 739245/7709696 blocks

shuould I format my card?

EDit: it just came back to life, I’ll try to stress it a bit and let you know if it still freeze. thanks in any case

The settings I outlined are recommended regardless of if you had freezes. If you are having issues reading your SD card I would suggest checking it with h2testw and possibly trying another PSU. If you are using a USB connected hard drive that is bus powered this may be putting additional load on the RPi’s PSU that it no longer can support.