Freeze when trying to delete profile

I have created a secondary profile but now want to delete it, however every time I try to OSMC freezes. I use KEY_TITLE on the profile I want to delete to get the context menu, then “Delete Profile” and the confirm menu pops-up “Do you want to delete…” and that’s it. I don’t think it’s an actual freeze of the system, services are still running in the background, but the UI is compeltely unresponsive, and there isn’t anything in the log either just this:

LIRC: - NEW 160 0 KEY_OK linux-input-layer (KEY_OK)
HandleKey: 11 (0x0b, obc244) pressed, action is Select
------ Window Deinit (DialogContextMenu.xml) ------
------ Widow Init (DialogConfirm.xml) ------
Loading skin file: DialogConfirm.xml, load type: KEEP_IN_MEMORY

I just thought of something and tried using the KORE app from my phone and the UI responds. So I think the problem lies with the service used to grab input from the remote (it’s the official remote)

Unfortunately, only input from the OSMC RF remote control and 3rd party IR remote controls are affected.
As workaorund connect a USB keyboard or use a remote app like Kore or Yatse on Android to overcome this input. Remote access via VNC is another way.

It looks like a potential Kodi bug where key maps are not active on that screen. My guess is this is somewhat intentional as keymaps appear to be potentially profile specific.