Freezing on GetDirectory()


When I disconnect the network from Vero 4K and then try to access previously added network location (that is not accessible at this point), the screen freezes for a minute or so.

19:59:51.849 T:4113588224 DEBUG: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory (smb://
19:59:51.849 T:4113588224 DEBUG: ParentPath = [smb://]
20:00:21.840 T:3725546480 DEBUG: Thread JobWorker 3725546480 terminating (autodelete)
20:00:21.840 T:3475874800 DEBUG: Thread JobWorker 3475874800 terminating (autodelete)
20:00:21.840 T:3841979376 DEBUG: Thread JobWorker 3841979376 terminating (autodelete)
20:01:59.116 T:4113588224 ERROR: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : ‘smb://’
unix_err:‘6e’ error : ‘Connection timed out’
20:01:59.116 T:4113588224 DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogConfirm.xml) ------
20:01:59.116 T:4113588224 INFO: Loading skin file: DialogConfirm.xml, load type: KEEP_IN_MEMORY
20:01:59.126 T:3911185392 DEBUG: script.module.osmcsetting.updates : - blurp 686 - DialogConfirm.xml

It would be much better to do that more async and have the “waiting” symbol showing that it is still alive and doing something, rather than freezing.

By the way, is it the responsibility of Kodi or OSMC?


This is one to raise with Kodi


For the reference: No Freeze on GetDirectory()