Freezing on NFS access

Hello, I recently moved house so new network conditions, router/IP addresses for my NAS.
I went into Kodi media locations which has Movies and TV locations via NFS, and edited them to point to the NAS’s new IP address and made sure my NAS had allowed the Vero’s new IP address to have admin access
Editing them was quite slow and seemed to freeze, but then playback also froze once I thought it was setup correctly.
So I removed the locations and even trying to add a new NFS location seems to freeze and take a long time, so I’m wondering if there’s something I’m missing or have I corrupted Kodi/OSMC somehow?

Appreciate any help :blush:

Did you cleaned the libraries?

It’s currently running, taking long time, but I guess that would not affect how it access the NFS links?

It would, changing the sources doesn’t change the entries in the library

Ah I see, even adding a new fresh one to the Library?

A fresh one with a different name would not be impacted but surely would also need to be read into the library first.
If you still have problems after clean library I suggest to enable debugging and provide logs

Cleaning the library is still going after 7h, looks like it’s only a quarter done :frowning:

Well no other choice than waiting (ok you could alternatively dump the library and start from scratch.
I still wonder how a house moving causes any change to LAN Address of your NAS?

The library clean doesn’t seem to be a viable option, it was still going today and trying to add an NFS location freezes
I think there’s a larger problem going on but I don’t know what, at this point i think I should reinstall ?

The NAS doesn’t have static IP on my network so when I got a new router it was dynamically assigned.

For reliable operation, your NAS will need a static IP. That will probably also slow down the clean to a crawl as it checks if a file is accessible when cleaning.

If you aren’t worried about watched status, I’d suggest dumping the database and starting fresh would be the quickest fix. But as I said, you will need to give the NAS a static IP!

Logs would be useful. Without them, your issue is anyone’s guess…

You’re right my apologies, first time on the forum,
I uploaded the logs here, I’m no expert on them so not sure what to look for:

The NAS being static is a good shout I might have even set it that way, but on moving network not set it up again (I forget to be honest).

You have no local sources setup in sources.xml, and no mounts in fstab, so just what are you trying to scrape? And I strongly suggest that you remove all of the banned add-ons that you have! Any one of those can cause slowness.

Correct, I removed the sources, the system freezes when trying to add new NFS locations (my NAS is definitely up and keeping it’s IP address, despite being dynamically assigned), I’m thinking about reinstalling but I was hoping something obvious would emerge.

I have been meaning to remove the addons I don’t use anymore, which is most of them.

The logs show no attempt at adding a new source.

Make sure that there is not an IP address conflict, that can cause strange problems.

You could try re-naming the .kodi directory to count out any configuration issues. Otherwise I’d suggest a re-install unless you can supply a log actually showing the problem.

I’ve reinstalled and was able to add my sources.