French title with accent in first position


I’m French and in my country we have accents on certain characters like ô, é, è, ê, à, À, É, Î, … and when I have a film that starts with a special character, it arrives at the end of the alphabet, after the letter “Z”.

Like “Take me out of a doubt”, “That” (a.k.a. Stephen King’s It (1990 version)) which are displayed after “Zootopia” in OSMC …

two questions…

  • How to display my special characters with the right alphabetical place, “ô” with “o”, “ç” with “c”, …
  • I can’t find “Ça” when I use the TMDB scrapper in OSMC when this movie exists in The Movie Database, why ?

Thanks for your help

To me, this sounds much very like a Kodi and not an OSMC issue.

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may be some one have the same issue here, i’ll go create a kodi account if i don’t find solution here :wink:

Oddly enough it is ordered correctly in Windows Kodi but i’m not sure if this is just a OSMC issue or a Linux thing. In any event it can be fixed by bringing up the context menu, select “manage”, and then click on “Edit sort title” and then enter a title without the accents.

It works just fine if you use an exact title as shown on their site. For this TV show in French this would be any of the following…

‘Il’ est revenu
Ca, “Il” est revenu
IL est revenu
Ça (1990)
Ça - il est revenu
Ça Il est revenu
ça - la Série

I just tried with a folder titled “Ça (1990)” and it scraped correctly (scraper set to fr and keep original titles unchecked).

Also note that this particular title is a TV show (mini series) and not a Movie so you must use the correct scraper. To scan this to your movie collection you would have to make a custom entry with a nfo file.

Thanks darwindesign, i haven’t see that this film was a TV Show (and I don’t understand why, for my, it’s a film…)

I have Edit my tile like you shown me, all is ok know :wink:

Tks for all :wink:

I knew it was a TV show because I remember watching it when it originally aired, but if you are ever confused on a title you can just find it on TMDB and look at the url. For example you posted a line to this show and it was the clue being /tv/ as opposed to /movie/in the url. I understand how this one, as well as many others can be confusing as there were some Stephen King adaptations that were movies and many others that were miniseries, and the miniseries were often later released on disk as a single long film instead of being broken up. The current rules at TMDB are such that they do not allow listing these tites as movies regarless. As mentioned there is the option of manually adding a movie entry with a nfo file if you prefer it that way.