Frequent Crashes (Black Screen)

Yesterday I upgraded my SD card to a Evo 16Gb so I did a fresh install, and since then I am having frequent crashes. It can happen anytime (I have seen it updating, refreshing library, navigating in the menus, browsing addons…)
The screen goes black, ssh stop responding etc.

I don’t see the power warning, and the pi is configured as turbo, OSMC updated to latest version

Is there any way to debug the issue?

Turn on debugging in Kodi settings, cause a crash, then go into MyOSMC to upload the logs.

But the FIRST thing you need to do is turn down the overclock to normal and see if the crashing keeps occurring. You want to eliminate that first so that other issues can then be investigated.

I see from this thread that you are experimenting with the sdhost driver - if this is active when you are seeing these problems that it is most likely your cause. If so please go back to a fresh install of RC3 (not RC2) without this test kernel and see if you are still having problems.

The Evo 16Gb cards are known to be problematic on Pi 2’s and up until RC3 were experiencing data corruption issues that could lead to all sorts of weird and random problems.

Damm I thought Evo were a safe bet and did not check them before buying.

This issues happened before testing the driver and with RC3 from the start, as told I will stay away from experimental driver after formatting and reinstalling everything.