Frequently Asked Questions

Vero 4K is OSMC’s flagship device. We’ve taken some time to answer the most common questions you may have about it.

How do I change the Vero remote battery?

The Vero remote uses a CR2032 battery. This type of battery is also used in watches and can be obtained from most jewellers. You may however find these batteries cheaper online. You should only need to replace your battery once every couple of years.

Please note that the battery is not covered under warranty as it is considered a consumable.

Can I reinstall OSMC?

Yes – please see this article for more information on how to reload OSMC on your Vero 4K.

How do I get support for my device?

Please check the Wiki to see if your question has been covered. We also have a community forum if you would like to ask a question or discuss OSMC with other Vero 4K owners.

You can also contact us directly for support.

Seems like this should be a frequently-asked question:

(short version) How does Vero 4K booting work?

Does it support a boot menu for dual-booting? Does the boot-menu display over HDMI and/or which input methods does it support?
Does it boot from removable media? Do you need to do something special (e.g. hold down a particular button/edit a config file) to get it to boot from removable media?
Does kexec work on it?

Hi – this question hasn’t been asked frequently before.

Vero 4K/4K+ will look for a kernel and DTB on external media (USB) and SD card before booting from the internal eMMC storage.

The most common use case for this is booting the OSMC Installer from external media to format the internal storage.

Yes – kexec should work.